Poll: Free Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants

Poll Results

We polled thousands of Americans. Free prenatal care is not available to many Americans who have paid taxes for years. And yet there is a movement to provide taxpayer-funded prenatal care to illegal immigrants. It seems from our scientific poll like that our readers would prefer that these benefits go to Americans who have paid their taxes first.

91% of Americans DO NOT think illegal immigrants should get free prenatal care.
9% of Americans DO think illegal immigrants should get free free prenatal care.

The cost of having a baby in this country is high. That’s why people get health insurance and pay their taxes. Having a baby can put people into debt, or force them to consider other options.

That’s why most respondents would prefer to provide free or reduced cost prenatal care to American families first, or to no one at all. The American taxpayer pays a great deal of taxes, paying more to support illegal immigrants is just wrong.

So far, 91% of Americans polled DO NOT think illegal immigrants should be eligible for free prenatal care. Just 9% of Americans are willing to provide free prenatal care for those who come into America illegally. Maybe those 9% can pay the bill?

That’s why we are excited about the answers to this poll. So that we can share them with those in power who can take action to protect American citizens.