Big Pharma Poll Results

Big Pharma Poll Results
Big Pharma Poll Results

Should Big Pharma be Legally Responsible for Drug‑Related Injuries?

Poll Results

We asked thousands of people whether they thought Big Pharma should be held legally responsible for drug-related injuries. The results probably won’t surprise you.

58% of Americans polled think Big Pharma should be held responsible for injuries related to their medications.
42% of Americans do not believe that Big Pharma should be held responsible for such injuries.

While the votes indicate that the majority of people feel that Big Pharma should take responsibility for the deaths and injuries that some of their medications cause, others feel that the responsibility falls closer to home. Some might even lay blame with doctors who willingly prescribe certain medications because they are incentivized to do so.

Another consideration is that people are concerned about the high speed at which Big Pharma is creating and advertising new medications. You can’t watch TV without seeing multiple Big Pharma commercials.

It seems clear that more and more Americans are losing trust in Big Pharma and many believe that Big Pharma ultimately only cares about their bottom line, not helping people. Maybe it’s time to get very serious about considering the alternatives, like healthier lifestyles and staying informed about medications and nutritional options.